About Us

At Aches No More we strive to be your number one source for menstrual pain relief. Our goal is to help women across the globe overcome their pain by producing healthy alternatives to drugs and medication.

Our Ayah belt is the first of its kind and is a comfortable and discreet way to ease discomfort associated with menstrual pain. Ayah uses dynamic heat and massage therapy which is clinically proven to help relax uterine muscles and improve blood circulation to the affected area. By alleviating your pains, you will feel an improvement in your overall mood and well-being which will lead to increased productivity and a better lifestyle. Whether you’re at home or on the go, Ayah is a must have for any woman who wants to feel more comfortable and in control during her menstrual cycle.

Ayah is easy to use; simply wrap her around your waist and choose the heat or massage setting that feels most comfortable to you. With her slim and lightweight design, she can be worn discreetly under clothing, so you can go about your day with added comfort and relief. Her adjustable waist strap is very convenient since its designed to fit everyone. Ayah applies gentle, continuous pressure to your lower abdomen, helping to reduce your cramps. Our menstrual relief belt is a natural, drug free solution that is very easy to use and extremely effective. Ayah has helped thousands of women already across the globe and you can become one of them too!

Important Notes

When placing your order, please make sure to not forget to check your junk email for a notification. You should also be receiving tracking information by email shortly after your purchase so please look out for that. If you happen to subscribe to SMS, you will get a notification right away when placing your order followed by tracking information shortly after your purchase.

Our social media links are also at the bottom of the page. Please give us a follow and share with your friends and family. We would love to hear how your personal experience with Ayah is going! There are also exciting new pain relieving products and discounts coming in the near future so you wouldn't want to miss out on that! :)

Any further questions please don't hesitate to contact us at contact@achesnomore.com. Our customer support team is available 24/7 to help you with whatever is needed 


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