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Aches No More- Ayah Warm Pain Relieving Belt

Aches No More- Ayah Warm Pain Relieving Belt

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How She Works:

Tired of annoying period cramps? Ayah warm belt is a natural drug-free solution that works instantly to relieve your menstrual pains. She provides dynamic heat and massage therapy around your waist which improves your blood circulation, reduces uterine muscle spasms, and takes away your stress in no time!

Design Features:

  • Three Customizable Heat and Massage Settings. 

  •  Easy to wear and take off

  • Easily adjustable waist strap



  • Rechargeable long-lasting battery

  • Fully portable with no wires attached

  • Lightweight, slim, and easily hidden under clothes

  • Comfortable fitting- can be worn on abdomen or lower back

  • Made with soft velvet material to prevent skin irritation

  • Takes 5 seconds to heat up for rapid pain relief

  • Natural drug free way of relieving pains! No hot water bag needed!

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